European Football Championship 2012

March 27th, 2012 by SportInfo

The opening of European Football Championships, UEFA EURO 2012 which will take place in Poland and Ukraine are less than three months away and organizational preparations are at the final stage as well. EURO finals schedule is confirmed starting the tournament against Greece and other opening games including Germany v Portugal, Spain v Italy and England v France.

Match schedule
All kick-offs CET, Ukrainian time is one hour ahead

Friday 8 June 2012
#1: POL v GRE, 18.00CET, Warsaw
#2: RUS v CZE, 20.45CET, Wroclaw

Saturday 9 June 2012
#3: NED v DEN, 18.00CET, Kharkiv
#4: GER v POR, 20.45CET, Lviv

Sunday 10 June 2012
#5: ESP v ITA, 18.00CET, Gdansk
#6: IRL v CRO, 20.45CET, Poznan

Monday 11 June 2012
#7: FRA v ENG, 18.00CET, Donetsk
#8: UKR v SWE, 20.45CET, Kyiv

Tuesday 12 June 2012
#9: GRE v CZE, 18.00CET, Wroclaw
#10: POL v RUS, 20.45CET, Warsaw

Wednesday 13 June 2012
#11: DEN v POR, 18.00CET, Lviv
#12: NED v GER, 20.45CET, Kharkiv

Thursday 14 June 2012
#13: ITA v CRO, 18.00CET, Poznan
#14: ESP v IRL, 20.45CET, Gdansk

Friday 15 June 2012
#15: SWE v ENG, 20.45CET, Kyiv
#16: UKR v FRA, 18.00CET, Donetsk

Saturday 16 June 2012
#17: CZE v POL, 20.45CET, Wroclaw
#18: GRE v RUS, 20.45CET, Warsaw

Sunday 17 June 2012
#19: POR v NED, 20.45CET, Kharkiv
#20: DEN v GER, 20.45CET, Lviv

Monday 18 June 2012
#21: CRO v ESP, 20.45CET, Gdansk
#22: ITA v IRL, 20.45CET, Poznan

Tuesday 19 June 2012
#23: ENG v UKR, 20.45CET, Donetsk
#24: SWE v FRA, 20.45CET, Kyiv

Wednesday 20 June 2012
No matches

Thursday 21 June 2012
#25: 1A v 2B, 20.45CET, Warsaw

Friday 22 June 2012
#26: 1B v 2A, 20.45CET, Gdansk

Saturday 23 June 2012
#27: 1C v 2D, 20.45CET, Donetsk

Sunday 24 June 2012
#28: 1D v 2C, 20.45CET, Kyiv

Monday 25 June 2012
No matches

Tuesday 26 June 2012
No matches

Wednesday 27 June 2012
#29: W#25 v W#27, 20.45CET, Donetsk

Thursday 28 June 2012
#30: W#26 v W#28, 20.45CET, Warsaw

Friday 29 June 2012
No matches

Saturday 30 June 2012
No matches

Sunday 1 July 2012
#31: W#29 v W#30, 20.45CET, Kyiv

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Chess Championship 2012

March 14th, 2012 by SportInfo

The World Chess Championship Match 2012 will be held in May in Moscow from 10 to 31 of May in Tretyakov Gallery, from 10 to 31 of May 2012. 12 games with classical time control will be played by the Players. The winner of the match will be declared as the World Champion. In case of a draw result the winner will be determined in the tie-break. The prize fund of the match is USD 2,550,000, it will be divided between the winner and the loser in the proportion of 60% – 40%.

The Chess Championship calendar includes follow events:

Women’s FIDE Grand Prix Series Kazan, Russia 9-Jun-2012 23-Jun-2012
World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2012 Astana, Kazakhstan 26-Jun-2012 1-Jul-2012
Women’s FIDE Grand Prix Series Jermuk, Armenia 16-Jul-2012 29-Jul-2012
World Junior U20 Championships 2012 Athens, Greece 1-Aug-2012 16-Aug-2012
World Chess Olympiad 2012 Istanbul, Turkey 27-Aug-2012 10-Sep-2012
Women’s FIDE Grand Prix Series Istanbul, Turkey 22-Oct-2012 5-Nov-2012
World Senior Championships 2012 Vourla Kammena, Greece 3-Nov-2012 14-Nov-2012
World Youth Championships 2012 Maribor, Slovenia 7-Nov-2012 19-Nov-2012
Women’s World Championship 2012 Khanty Mansiysk, Russia 10-Nov-2012 3-Dec-2012
World Cities Team Championship 2012 Al-Ain, UAE 21-Dec-2012 30-Dec-2012